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As one of the first students to graduate with an M.A. in Public Art & Design my passion for art has always been outside the gallery system. Inspired by the new public art works that were springing up around me in Dundee I experienced directly the benefits that art and artists could have on a community. I became aware that if the environments we live in and pass through are respected and treated as if they really matter, then the greater public will have a more positive response to those surroundings. 

Over the last sixteen years I have been lucky enough to have been afforded the opportunity to make my contribution to our environment in a wide variety of projects throughout the UK. I strongly believe in an aesthetically sophisticated audience and strive through my commissions to provide stimulating and enhancing work that is accessible while retaining artistic integrity. 

Working solely on a commissioned basis each project is unique and requires tailored design solutions and I have proven in the past that I am capable of rising to these challenges. I have successfully completed over 40 public projects in a wide variety of materials encompassing sculpture, land art and street furniture. Though the opportunities may change, my design philosophy remains the same, to value the end audience and to provide work using high quality materials. Projects are fully researched at the design stage and this provides the stimulus and inspiration for the work so that there is a connection and relevance between their location and community. 

Many of my projects are created on site using traditional craftsmanship with a modern aesthetic, I feel this is one of its strongest assets; the public can see the project developing over a period of time and come to appreciate the effort involved in its creation. The interaction between the public and myself while I am on site is one I have really come to value. I believe that through it they gain that vital ingredient of a successful piece of Public art, a sense of ownership over it. 

As a Public artist I have to clearly communicate my ideas to a wide audience and have a track record of being able to work well with Clients, Landscape Architects, contractors and planners. Some highlights of previous projects are; the 25 large bronzes that adorn and transform the external fašade of the Overgate Shopping Centre in Dundee; and 4 large sculptures on roundabouts that act as way markers around Livingston New Town.



Dry Stone Walling Association Of Great Britain ‘Pinnacle Award‘ commending innovative design and inspirational use of stone for Landmark Sculptures at Livingston and Edinburgh Airport Interchange

BALI Landscape Award for Edinburgh Airport

Elizabeth Greenshield Grant

Hospitalfield House Scholarship


Art Down On The Farm - Dunaverig Stirling

Art In The Great Outdoors - Mercer Gallery Harrogate

Art, Design , And A Public - Sunderland University

Frames Gallery - Perth

RGI - Glasgow